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Welcome to my tribute to SHI, "Sohei Warrior"



  I tried to design this site for both those unfamiliar with SHI and the collector. To start with, brief overviews of the stories. Hopefully just enough information to entice you into reading the books. For those looking for more, tons of high quality images and an up to date extensive links list that will lead you to more detailed information and a searchable database. Please set back and explore the world of SHI.

  A quote from
Sliver Bulletins dated Jan 17, 2003 "One of the most popular comic book characters of the past decade, Shi is printed in six languages, has sold more than 4 million comic books worldwide and grossed over 25 million dollars."

  SHI was created by the very talented artist and writer William Tucci and was produced by his company Crusade Entertainment. After Crusade, four books of SHI were published by Avatar Press. In 2004 SHI is to be published by Dark Horse Comics.

  Although this site relates primarily to the work done prior to Avatar Press and Dark Horse. The links page contains current information and you can find other sites with tons of information also.  Shi continues to be published and evolve.

  The original official SHI website was it no longer exists. The official SHI site is (as of Oct 2002) or  I highly recommend you visit these sites for comprehensive coverage of SHI.  If you are interested in SHI then the forum on the official site is a must.

  The one section of this site that I believe to be unique is the in-depth coverage of SHI collector / trading cards on the
SHI Trading Cards page

  Have fun and if I can be of any assistance don't hesitate to contact me




Images based on SHI originally created by William Tucci and Crusade Entertainment



The Way of the Warrior



  When I first became aware of SHI there were two series in the saga, The Way of the Warrior and The Series. The original story - The Way of the Warrior is composed of 12 books. The story is about a woman that is torn between her American mothers way of life and her Japanese fathers. It contains confrontations between two rival martial / religious orders the "Sohei" and the "Nara". Centering around the woman's quest for vengeance against the Yakuza (Japanese organized crime). Great attention was given to mixing accurate facts about Japanese history into this story. Its obvious that allot of research was done before these books were written. You can read the first two paragraphs of the Prelude from the inside cover of "Way of the Warrior" follow this link: Warrior Prelude.  


  What initially attracted me was the extraordinary artwork in the books, just like the image at the top of this page. Intriguing pictures of a female warrior, beautiful and deadly. You can see the covers from The Way of the Warrior by clicking on the 3D text "WARRIOR" in the images section below.  


SHI Senryaku



The Thirty-Six Stratagems



  SHI Senryaku a collection of three books. Similar to the "Art of War" and "Book of Five Rings". Each rule is demonstrated by a episode from SHI's life. Thirty Six short stories, with 36 corresponding artworks. The art is amazing, and done in different styles, "some of the industry's top illustrators" contributed as stated by William Tucci in a letter in the back of the Senryaku Collected Edition. You can view covers and artwork by clicking on the 3D "SENRYAKU" in the image section.  


The Series



  These books have Ana Ishikawa ( SHI ) no longer on a quest for vengeance. Ana works in a New York art gallery. She now seeks to right injustice where ever she finds it. This series jumps around quite a bit, jumping from the past and then the future. Many of the illustrations are in Anime or Manga style. I guess that's true of most SHI, you see a wide variation in styles in Senryaku. You can find images from The Series books by clicking on the 3D text "SERIES".  





  There are many crossovers, special edition SHI books and appearances in other books, a variety of different stories. You can find lists at the unofficial site - comics (Maida's SHI Page) and the Crusade Fan listed in the links section below. Click on the 3D text "OTHERS" to see covers of some of the many varied books containing SHI.  




The SHI Movie



  As of December 2005 there is a SHI movie in the works.  I believe that Mr. Tucci not compromising on the quality of the story, good things come to those that wait. Go to the links page for more information on the movie. As of July 2008 we still don't have a movie but that does not mean its not going to happen.








   For casual browsing of  images (book covers, posters) use the words below they are links to galleries. The images really are breath taking and should not be missed. I tried to provide a basic general library of SHI covers and associated images. At last count a total of 115 in the galleries below. There are many more to be found on the web. Please note the image galleries display fine in the Internet Explorer web browser but do not work in the FireFox browser.  




Image link to Warrior images





Image link to Senryaku images





Image link to Series images





Image link to SHI other images



SHI Fan Art
Images by fans based on SHI.  Some really nice images from fans using SHI found here.






This is a link to the Gallery of SHI Covers at Avatar





    This will take you to the SHI Trading Cards page. Contains images and checklists from the trading cards sets and phone / calling cards. This is a great reference for those who collect SHI cards.  Tons of images and information.  






  The database has become outdated and no longer maintained, so it has been removed.  




*Don't miss the SHI forum, at the Official SHI site SHI FORUM








  As the popularity of SHI continues to grow so do the links. The links section has become so huge I had to make a separate page for them, Click the LINKS title above for links with descriptions of other SHI fan sites, web pages that contain mostly graphics, news articles, information about the movie, interviews and BIO's of the creator. A wealth of information.  







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